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The Hernandez family returned to Mexico to finish Luis Hernandez paperwork. What was suppose to be 6 months has turned into 2 years. Their children who are U.S. citizens, have had to drop out of school due to language barriers and finances. They are currently living on his pay of approx 112.00 a week. The family consist of Luis, his wife Ana who is an U.S. citizen, Trevor, their 17 year old son, Isabelle 8, and Priscilla 5 who are all U.S. citizens. Birthdays have come and gone for these children with no gifts or cake. Many days they scratch up whatever change they can find for food. The prospects of them getting back to Arkansas so Luis can go back to his job and make a living wage and supply insurance for his family become further each day. Ana has a chiari malformation with requires brain surgery. She can not get this surgery in Mexico and can not have it in Arkansas without her husband to care for their children and take care of her. Ana was born in Arkansas to U.S. citizens. Both of her parents have passed away and she has no other family that can help her. Please consider donating what you can, whether it is 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, or more to help finish Luis paperwork and bring them home to the safety of Arkansas. Our goal is 5,000. The paperwork will cost approx 1,800. and they will need traveling expenses as well as moving expenses.

Ana Hernandez has medical issues that require care in the U.S. However returning without her husband is not an option. Luis still has his old job, that provided a living wage and medical insurance, waiting on him in Arkansas. Ana is unable to work do to medical issues and would require her husband to come back to provide a living for her and the children as well as help with the daily care of the children. 

Before they left Arkansas, they owned their own home, property and Luis had a full time job. Never having had government help, he provided well for his family as well as his mother in law while she was living. 

Ana donated time and some of her oil paintings to various charities around Arkansas and helped to help raise money. 

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