We have established this website to get the Hernandez family back home safely in Arkansas.  Isabelle was attending Pine Haven Elementary School in Bauxite Arkansas before they left for Mexico. She wishes to go back to school upon her return to Arkansas. Because she is a U.S. citizen, this makes little Izzy a target for kidnapping in Mexico. She has not been out of her home much since arriving and has no real friends other than her 6 year old nephew and a cousin that is brought to the home for play dates. This is no way for a child to spend their childhood. It is our hope to get her and her little sister Priscilla safely back to Arkansas so they can go to school, be happy and make friends. Izzy deals with headaches on a daily basis, her doctor believes this is due to extreme stress surrounding their circumstances. Please help bring her home!

Trevor is your average Teenager who would like to taste some freedom. Problem is he can't. He is a target for kidnapping by drug cartels here in Mexico. He is a U.S. citizen and has never been out of Arkansas until he came to Mexico last year to finish his fathers paperwork. He would like nothing more than to hang with friends and learn to drive and live a normal teenage life. Please bring him back safely to Arkansas before it is too late.

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